5 Characteristics of Master Salespeople

“There’s Nothing Special About Special People — It’s What They Do Every Day That Makes Them Special” by Hall of Fame Speaker Floyd Wickman If you’ve been a student of ours or have been around me for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me say that a time or two.  This week, I wanted to share a video that I did a while back where I talk about the five things that Master Salespeople do differently to help them rise to the top and stay there. 1.  They have SELLING SKILLS.  You know those top producers who no matter

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Joining Forces

An Excerpt From Lessons From My Brother Zig By Floyd Wickman and Mary Johnson Sports teams know that playing on the home field increases their odds of winning.  Research proves them right – they do win more often when they play at home.  Professional baseball teams win between 53% and 55% of home games.  In football, 60% of the games played at the home stadium are won. It’s easy to distinguish the home team.  The roar of the crowd feeds energy to the players.  Physiologically, that energy creates endorphins so that the players play better, harder and faster. The Minnesota

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(And Why Education Without Application is Worse Than Worthless) By Master Trainer and Speaker Mike Pallin I grew up in a home filled with music. My mother had a wonderful, trained voice and was always singing as she worked in the kitchen. My father was an avid record collector with eclectic taste ranging from classical to big band to Broadway. One of my earliest memories is of listening to the original cast recording of ‘Oklahoma!’ on 78 RPM records. Even though I began music lessons at age ten, and learned to sight-read music pretty well, I never learned to play

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18 Techniques Later…

And the Customer’s Happy! (And Yours Will Be Too!) by Hall of Fame  Speaker and Real Estate Coach Floyd Wickman I ran across this video clip today and had to share.  I love teaching techniques and dialogues to coaching clients and our Floyd Wickman Program students and so do all of our trainers.  It’s not just fun, it’s life-changing.  When you can help sales professionals truly CONTROL their presentations, time, conversations, and experiences with clients and customers, you give them something really special — the keys to do whatever they want to do in this business.  And I love how those

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Ready? by Master Trainer and Author Mike Pallin We finally have the Super Bowl behind us. Finally. Can we please get 2014 started now? Did you wake up this week and realize it’s already February? Then you probably won’t like this article one bit. But I think you need to read it anyway. Do I sound cranky? It’s only because I want to help you avoid feeling disappointed and demoralized at the end of the year. Look at January. How many listing appointments did you actually go on in January? No fudging, no excuses, no yeah-but’s. How many? Is it

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