Timeless and Timely – The Best Keeps Getting Better

Timeless and Timely – The Best Keeps Getting Better  Those who are looking for Floyd Wickman to remove the timeless ingredients from his programs will have a long wait. Salespeople still have to prospect and convert leads into appointments. Salespeople still have to be able to deliver a persuasive, visual presentation – and handle hesitations – and get signatures. And most importantly, salespeople still have to build and maintain repeat and referral business through relationships. The master selling skills will never go out of style.  The combination of technology and automation has made it possible for salespeople to do many

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Keeping In Touch

Keeping In Touch                                                                                             By Mike Pallin, Floyd Wickman Team President Listings are the name of the game.  Buyers give you a paycheck, listings give you a business.  Your inventory level will determine your income level.  OK, Floyd, I agree with all of the above, but how can I handle a larger listing inventory when Sellers have such high expectations and demand a lot of hand-holding? How can I possibly keep in touch with all of them and not let them down? There are only so many hours in a day!  Here are some Tips ‘N’ Techniques for keeping in touch

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If You Had No Choice

IF YOU HAD NO CHOICE                                                                                                                                 By Floyd Wickman, Founder and CEO of The Floyd Wickman Team H.B., my second broker, was the broker who “sold” me on learning sales dialogue. He suggested I take STI Training. Keep in mind, when I say HB suggested something, that’s like saying Moses came down the mountain with The 10 Recommendations. Nothing was optional with this guy, and I am forever grateful to him for that.  Even though learning dialogue was uncomfortable for me at first, the foundation of my success was built on knowing what to say and how to say it

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Setting A Goal                                                                                                                                                      By Mike Pallin, Floyd Wickman Team How do I go about setting an income goal for next year?  Each of us begins the year with a hope, or a wish, or a dream, or a desire, or an expectation – but only 5% of the general population actually begins the year with a specific, measurable, written goal. And, if the experts are to be believed, only 5% of that 5% actually track activity and results throughout the year, stay on track, and achieve their goals.  So if the odds are that slim, why even bother? Why not just start

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How To Turn It Around

How To Turn It Around                                                                                                                                     by Mike Pallin, Floyd Wickman Team President  “You do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around.”   How do you turn it around? What do you do when your morale is at an all time low? When production has ground to a halt? When your life feels like a dumpster fire?  Floyd encountered a turnaround expert toward the end of his first year in real estate. Working 24-7, he was only able to produce 5 transactions that year, and 2 of them fell through. Zero listings, 3 closings, and a business in need of a turnaround. 

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