The Right Time To Hire An Assistant?

The Right Time To Hire An Assistant?                                                                                                       By Mike Pallin, Floyd Wickman Master Trainer  Back when I had a lawn, I used to mow it myself, and I made up a lot of reasons why I didn’t hire it out. Nobody took the care with the job that I did, especially the edging. The lawn care services were too expensive. It was good exercise, and a good time to think while doing a mindless task. It was bred into me. From the time I was big enough to push a mower (that’s right – PUSH!) it was one of my

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How To Make Your Week Smarter

How To Make Your Week Smarter                                                                                                            By Mike Pallin, Floyd Wickman Master Trainer  My upfront disclaimer. I do not claim to have the only answer to time management. Or the best answer. Or the perfect answer for you. I can only offer you this answer, one that has worked miracles for thousands and thousands of people. Fair enough? I offer it in the spirit of knowing that time management is the #1 issue for salespeople, managers and brokers today.  What is the opposite of a smart week? A dumb week? Maybe. But how about the opposite of a smart

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Getting Past What You Can’t Get Over

Getting Past What You Can’t Get Over                                                                                                         by Mike Pallin, Floyd Wickman Master Trainer  Let’s say you have been showing houses to Mr. and Mrs. Buyer for months. They are eager, cooperative, qualified and motivated. They show up on time and look to you for advice. And then out of the blue they call to share their good news. They just bought a For Sale By Owner and knew you would be happy for them.  Let’s say your admin gets an offer from a title company at twice what you are paying and she bolts. The next day your

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Dare to Compare

DARE TO COMPARE                                                                                                                                      by Floyd Wickman Master Trainer Mike Pallin  During Floyd’s real estate career he went on over 1500 listing appointments, and the comparison objection was the one he had to handle most often to get the listing in one stop. And so he created the Comparison Shopping Analysis, which is a hesitation handling tool that gives you the perfect blend of logic and emotion. Like all hesitation handling tools, it works most effectively when used at the right time and with the right dialogue.  ON THE PHONE, AFTER YOU GET THE APPOINTMENT AND BEFORE YOU HANG UP  OK,

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OVERPRICED LISTINGS                                                                                                                                    By Floyd Wickman, National Speakers Association Hall of Fame Member and CEO of The Floyd Wickman Team, LLC Let’s listen in on a recent round table discussion with some better producing agents.  Jeffrey “My partner and I are starting over in a new location, and we need to build our listing inventory back up quickly. We have been on half a dozen or more listing appointments we could have taken, but they weren’t realistic with their price. Our #1 question is – If we’re trying to build our inventory quickly, when is it okay to take an